Issue #1

We are pleased to present you with the Summary Edition of issue one of the journal ‘Delta-N’ by the Centre for Thought and Public Affairs (Damascus – London). The Summary Edition contains more than 25 abstracts, penned by young writers from Syria, and the Middle East, exploring, from differing angles, the relationship between ‘Thought’ and ‘Public Affairs’ in the region. The material presented include abstracts of articles, studies, book reviews, journalistic reports, and a section dedicated to visual with a number of photographic images and caricatures. 


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So that the Syrian revolution is not corrupted by those who have hijacked it! - Hoshenk Ossi

Colourful paradoxes inside Syria- Riham Kussa

The relationship of artistic schools with social and political realities- Lilian Ballan

Political attitudes of the capital in Syria- Abdullah Shlash

The Ultras: establishment and role- Victor Shamas

The Internet succumbs to reality- Manaf Zeitoun

In critiquing Syrian sectarianism- Nairuz Satic

Syrian ‘Opposition’ literature is in a dilemma- Abdul-Wahab Allawi

Syrian theatre in deep crisis that continues to intensify- Maya Jamous

ISIS “Out-bidding” Overstep- Mark Bratcher

Book Review

Anxiety in Doctrine and problems of denial- Ammar Dayoub

Immortality of spirit, rebellion, and fear- Nour Shalghin


In the midst of war in Syria the right to childhood is being pulverised- Dima Nicolas

Insurgents in Syria the search for support and leadership- Tarek Al-Abed

Kidnapping as a result of detention or its effect?- Qussay Amameh

Cohabitation- Kifah Zeineh

Boats of death to Europe- Abed Al-Haj

Lebanon refugees in tents, refugees in castles- Ammar Al-Maamoun & Abdullah Kassem

Sport as one of the victims of the Syrian crisis- Alaa Ehsan & Ahmed Haj Hamdo


The absurdist movement between philosophy and theatre- Alaa' Al-Aalem

Civil war between Greed and Grievance- Sinan Al-Hawat

The Syrian state trapped between scope and power- Wajdi Wahbi