Democratic transformation, Syria as an example

Book Review By Abd Al-Haj

Issue #0 - May 3rd, 2014



(book reviewed: ‘Democratic transformation…Syria as an example’, by Radwan Ziadeh, 230 pages, Al-Rayis publishing house, 2013)
Starting in 2007, this book was written over the course of 5 years, before the beginning of any protests in Syria that rapidly developed into military clashes. The author discusses democratic transformation tracing its development from Southern to Eastern Europe, travelling to Latin America, before reaching the Arab world after twenty years. He claims that he witnessed this transformation through his travels to more than fifty countries in which he was introduced to each country’s transformative experience. The author argues that the only way for Syria to progress after
the fall of the regime is through ‘national reconciliation’ which requires leaving behind the heavy past towards embracing the future. Ziadah contends that this will require a dual task for Syrians after the war is over: working to restore the Republic from the inherited kingdom, recreating a democracy in the defeat of more than half a century, and the introduction of basic understandings of freedom.