Between poetry and Facebook

Study By Sulaf Alloush

Issue #0 - May 3rd, 2014



This article is titled ‘Between poetry and Facebook’ shedding light or creating small comparison on the transformation of poetry between stanzas published in newspapers and periodicals, grasping the attention of poetry readers to begin with, and modern poetry (and what is meant by modern is the time context of vocabulary as opposed to critical annotation). This article focuses on the use of social media as a medium in which poetry is consumed; no longer is it necessary for the reader to have a specific interest in poetry, for these online pages are whole communities that do not reflect platforms for the poetic realm which is prevalent in magazines and specialised newspapers (where a particular reader will seek, who is able to critique on a literary and linguistic level). This article is a short introduction to some of the most popular stanzas that act as literary poetic gleams on Facebook. It will explore how the sociological effects of living in a digital age has led to the reduction of poetry. This article also encompasses the work of poets who have never had a hardcopy publication; whose work was confined to the online pages of social media. The poet’s featured were randomly selected from online pages that I came across. I chose the poems without the bias of a trained critical eye, but rather as an ordinary reader.