Lebanon refugees in tents, refugees in castles

Reportage By Ammar Al-Maamoun & Abdullah Kassem

Issue #1 - Jul 25th, 2014



This report addresses an emergent phenomenon in Beirut: the attraction of older men inviting young men and women to live with them to participate in a sexual or general relationship for the sake of money and shelter. This article addresses four cases, discussing them from four perspectives: psychologically, socially, legally, and religiously. The issue is considered unacceptable on a religious level and defies acceptable social norms in some societies. However, it continues to exist on a psychological and social level. And despite the acceptance of some factions in society of this phenomenon, the particular situation of Syrian refugees in Lebanon continues to spark discussions, for whatever one might gain from leaving their country, the issue remains highly dubious – particularly in the shadowed existence of a vast age gap.